Traveling in Tokyo in 2019 : 5 Things to Do in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Japan. This bustling city never stops to bring you into such a magical place to explore. There are so many hidden places and things to do when you are traveling in Tokyo. And the best choice is spending your time to discover new places. Tokyo is filled with secrets and new a surprise in every corner of the city.

If you are planning to go to Tokyo for a holiday trip with family and friends, here are some guides to discover secret places that you should visit in Tokyo. Let’s check this one out.

Top 5 Hidden Place to Traveling in Tokyo

1. Gotokuji Temple

 Gotokuji Temple Tokyo
The first hidden place to visit in Tokyo is the Gotokuji Temple. Here you can find small kitty statues called Maneki Neko that literally means the beckoning cat. This temple is known as a home from thousands of red and pink cat figurines. This figurine is said to bring good fortune for business owners and bring luck to the costumers. Located in Setagaya, this temple is an easy place to visit from Shibuya and Shinjuku which just takes a five-minute walk from Gotokuji Station.

2. Caretta Shiodome Observatory

Caretta Shiodome Observatory Tokyo

Caretta Shiodome Observatory is one of the hidden places to visit in Tokyo. This observatory is recommended for you who want to see the city from up high with less crowded. Located in Shimbashi, this free observation towers offer you with such an incredible view. You can see the beautiful panoramic views of the city and Tokyo Bay from the 46th and 47th floors of Caretta Shiodome. It is a great idea to spend your time to see a breathtaking view from high.

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3. Shibuya’s Moyai

Shibuya’s Moyai Tokyo
Another place to visit in Okuo I Shibuy’s Moyai. Created in 2015, this landmark became the inspiration behind the big stone face emoji or known as Moyai emoji. This statue was a gift from Nijima Village to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tokyo as the capital city of Japan. You will find this large statue on the southwest side of Shibuya Station.

4. Uplink Cinema

Uplink Cinema is a cinema that regularly plays a selection of not mainstream films in Tokyo. The visitors can watch short films, experimental video, and even documentaries. Uplink Cinema is located in Shibuya that not far from tourist hotspots of NHK Studio Park and Yoyogi Park. Enjoy yourself in the cafe and a second-floor bookstore that filled with art, design, indie and other film-related stuff. It’s an actually great place to explore during your stay.

5. Mount Zine

If you’re looking for an aesthetic and Instagrammable place, Mount Zine is a must to visit. This fascinating place inspires so many DIY creators. Located in the heart of Megurpo, Mount Zine also becomes a hidden book, magazine and zine store that you can find a lot of independent and hard to find releases. All the stock in this store is updated every six months.

That’s all about the recommendation of hidden places to visit in Tokyo that you should know. Just take your backpacker and let’s enjoy the beauty of Tokyo as much as possible!