First Things to Do when Travel to Yogyakarta Indonesia

Travel to yogyakarta Indonesia people will provide with so many attractions and things to do. There is no doubt about this because when people are asking about the most popular destinations in Indonesia, Yogyakarta must be one of them. This is the place where people find the combination between the beautiful natural landscape and the local culture. If Yogyakarta becomes the choice of destination, here are things to do in this place.

Travel to Yogyakarta Indonesia

Visit Merapi Volcano

Travel to Yogyakarta Indonesia

Merapi Volcano becomes an important icon of Yogyakarta whether naturally or culturally. That is why people should not miss the opportunity for enjoying this volcano. There are various methods which can be used for enjoying the mountain. The very first option is simply hiking up the volcano. People must be physically prepared for this activity.

The volcano has a lot of stories. The eruption devastates some villages on its slope but we can make sure that it can be explored. It does not mean that people should take the painful path to witness the remaining of the disaster. They can enjoy the bunker views by sipping a cup of ginger tea for instance. This must be more pleasant way to remember the past. Jeep tours can also bring them to explore the devastated village with fun adventure.

Learning the City History

Travel to Yogyakarta Indonesia

Yogyakarta plays an important in the history of Indonesia. That is why there are so many things which can be learned about history in Yogyakarta. People should explore the old capital city of Yogyakarta, Kotagede. They will find many ancient buildings along with the local people who are doing their daily activities. People can find the combination between the traditional Javanese house and the old European styled house in this area. They can also shop the silver merchandise in Kotagede. Of course, the travel to yogyakarta Indonesia will be such a waste if people do not visit the Yogyakarta palace since the history and culture of Yogyakarta is centered at this place.

Exploring Local Art

Travel to Yogyakarta Indonesia

People surely cannot ignore the artistic side of Yogyakarta. This is the place where people can explore their artistic part greatly. There are so many artists and art events which can be found in this place. People can simply go to the art gallery or the workshop to enjoy the art products. They will not find difficulty to find the schedule of local art event which can present them with the artistic performance.

Enjoying Countryside Life

Yogyakarta is considered as a pretty big city so people can find the modern touch here and there. It can mean convenience for the tourists who are familiar to the modern life. Nevertheless, they can also experience the countryside life of Yogyakarta. They can visit the local village which is packed in the tourist village concept. In the village, they will be able to experience many activities associated to the countryside life in Indonesia. They can be part of the locals. They even can do things which cannot be experience in the city such as plowing and planting the new rice fields. Meaningful experience can be found when travel to yogyakarta Indonesia.