Tips for Travel to Japan For Beginners

Here some tips for travel to Japan will provide useful support for people who have a plan to visit this country for their holiday trip. Before they can go to Japan, there are some things they should know about traveling in this country.

Travel to Japan Guide

Safe Country

Travel to Japan Guide

One reason why there are many people choose to visit this country is that Japan is safe. It is included in the list of the safest countries in the world. This is also a great destination for women who want to travel solo. However, of course, people need to be careful when they are traveling in Japan.


Travel to Japan Guide

If people want to live easily in Japan, they must bring cash. Cash is used for many transactions from paying the workers to buying things. There might be some hotels as well as department stores that accept credit but it is better to check it first. If they are out of cash, they can use the ATM which can be found in 7-Eleven.

Japan Rail Pass

Travel to Japan Guide

The tips for traveling to japan for saving money on transportation is by buying a Japan Rail Pass. This option will be beneficial especially if they want to explore several regions in the country. The pass can be used for various public transportation systems from the bullet train to the ferries. However, people have to keep in mind that there is a valid date for using the pass. The pass can be bought before they arrive in this country.

No 24 Hours Metro System


People might expect to be able to access the metro system all day long. In fact, the metro service is limited. They need to keep in mind about this especially when they want to enjoy a night out. If they miss the train, they have to be ready to pay the expensive cost of the cab. Or else, they can go to the all-night karaoke for getting cheaper price early in the morning.

Good Sushi from the Department Store


Eating sushi right in its native country is a must, but people can be shocked by the expensive price of sushi in Japanese sushi restaurants. If they cannot allow it, they can still have the opportunity to enjoy sushi with the much more affordable price at the food hall located in the department store basement. It is called the depachika. Various kinds of foods are available including the sushi with high quality and pretty good taste.

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Huge Underground Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

The cities in Japan particularly Tokyo is covered with the building. That is why it is super easy to find various places to go on the ground. Nevertheless, they must not forget to explore the underground attractions. The underground spaces in Japan are utilized for various purposes including by building the huge shopping malls which are filled with restaurants and stores.



People should consider staying at a ryokan for getting a unique experience in Japan. This traditional Japanese inn will offer people with the experience for staying in the rooms with tatami floors. They can also enjoy a traditional set of Japanese breakfast and even communal bathing areas. There is no way to skip this experience in the tips for traveling to Japan.