The Best Travel Suitcase Packing Tips

How organized when you package the kinds of stuff for travel? This travel suitcase packing tips can help you to carry and ensure your pieces of stuff organized well.

Travel Suitcase Packing Tips

Things you need to know for packing a suitcase

Travel Suitcase Packing Tips

When you pack the suitcase, begin with the list of packing. By creating a list what you need to pack, you can avoid unforgettable stuff. This will be very useful especially if you have stressful before a trip.

  • Clothes packing tips.

Roll the clothes that softer and fold for the stiffer clothes. This will save more space.

Choose clothes from knits, cotton, and wool as this fabric tends to resist wrinkles and more versatile.  Place the rolled item into the bottom of the bag. Next is a folded garment. Start with the longest item such as skirts. Next, stacks the items on above of each other and alternating waist with hem. Cover the pile using dry cleaning bags.

    • Shoes packing tips. Consider sandals or loafer, sneaker, and another light shoe. Wear the heaviest shoes and pack other. Store the packed shoes with other items such as electronic chargers and sunglasses. You can use the outside of hair coverage to keep shoes from clothes.
  • Beauty product. Take a travel size multitasked bags. Fill the empty bottles with the favorite brand. Store similar products in the same sealed bag. For example, use one for cosmetic, the other one for bathing product and other for skin and body product. The other suitcase packing tips are transferring bulky cosmetic products such as lotions into small size contact lenses.

Know the baggage fee policy from the airline

Travel Suitcase Packing Tips

There are different regulations among airlines especially due to varies budget with the baggage fee policy. Check this fee policy by search in Google first to save you from loads too much and overweight charge fees.

    • Take what you need, cut in half.
    • Pack with packing cubes or ziplock bags. This thing is not only helping the stuff organized but also save the loads space from the suitcase.
  • Keep the liquid in separate bags to prevent it leaked or explode. You can use plastic wrap for extra protection.
Valuable Protection suitcase packing hack

If you have valuable stuff, for example, jewelry, then this packing tip should be important for you. You need to ensure that it stored well and safe. If you have a secret compartment, this is a good deal. Here are tips to pack jewelry to make it stay organized.

    • Use ziplock bags to carry.
    • Use a pill case. If there is used a 7-day pill box, you can use for pack the small jewelry such as necklaces, earring, and rings.
    • Travel jewelry case.
    • Jewelry roll pack suitcase
  • Empty mint tin can.

When you carry jewelry, you need storage that will easy to search, and the package above can help you to stay reach the jewelry with you in hand. Packing when travel seems simple, but it has strategy and science from travelers to learn to use the space they have in a suitcase to store all their requirements for travel.  Follow the general rule of suitcase packing tips that allow you to have efficient and space-saving packaging suitcase for travel.