The Top 4 Tourist Vacation in Indonesian

Tourist vacation in Indonesian is very popular in the archipelago. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the most popular one will always be the best option. Indonesia has so many hidden gems that can be explored more and more. First of all, it is better to make sure that people know the best destinations available in this country so they can make the travel plan properly.

Tourist Vacation Indonesian you Should Visit


Tourist Vacation Indonesian - Bali

It is a fact that Bali tourist attraction is a very popular travel destination not only in Indonesia but also in Asia. This island is visited a lot by tourists from all around the world. It is also chosen as the most favorite destination for honeymoon in Asia. There is a good reason why for this popularity because people can find a piece of paradise on this island.

They can explore the beaches and volcanic views simply on the same island. Well, anything they want to enjoy during their tropical vacation can be found in Bali. People can enjoy romantic escapes in Bali with so many luxurious resorts available. Various kinds of relaxing activities can also be done in this place. Shopping in the boutique, surfing, Kuta nightlife, volcanic village, and Hindu culture become the special activities that can be done in Bali.


Lake Toba Sumatra

Sumatra may not be pretty popular but it is definitely one of the best Indonesia travel destinations. For people who love adventure, Sumatra can be the best destination for them. This is the place where they can find the rainforests and the endangered species. This is the place where they can find the wild orangutan besides Borneo. The most tourist attractions can be found in the northern part. Lake Toba must be visited because it is the largest volcanic lake that can be found in the world and there are people from various tribes living near this area.


Lombok Island

Bali has a neighboring island called Lombok which can attract people with many beautiful places to go and interesting activities. The tourism development in Lombok is pretty fast. Mount Rinjani is an active volcano that can offer people with a breathtaking view and experience. The popular Gili islands are also part of Lombok Island. They can enjoy the beautiful scene of these tiny islands. Scuba diving can be done at a cheap price. Lombok also has Kuta beach which can be used for experiencing good surfing.

East Nusa Tenggara

Kelimutu East Nusa Tenggara

Last but not least, there is no way people can forget to enjoy the exotic beauty of East Nusa Tenggara. Several islands can be found and they will offer them a unique experience. Of course, they will be able to find various beaches which are undeveloped yet. Komodo dragon in its habitat becomes the attraction which must not be missed in East Nusa Tenggara. The volcano trekking in this area might not be popular but we can make sure that it will be interesting. Kelimutu volcanic lake with different colors is a must place to visit in this region. The best diving experience makes East Nusa Tenggara must be included in the best Indonesia travel destinations.