Tourist Destination In Indonesia, Why Bali is the Best ?

Some people said that Bali is the best tourist destination in Indonesian. While that kind of talk is a bit subjective, there are indeed several factors that can make Bali the best place to visit in Indonesia. What are those factors?

Tourist Destination in Indonesia

Bali got everything for everyone, rich or ‘modest’

Tourist Destination in Indonesia

Bali is an island that has topped many lists of places to travel. It topped the place for good reasons only, of course. One of those reasons is the fact that Bali got everything for everyone. What does this mean? If you are more of a party-goer and club jumper, Bali got lots of modern nightclubs that are rated highly. If you prefer a long and peaceful walk by the beach, you got Legian and Tuban to visit. If beach parties suit your taste palate more, Kuta is definitely the perfect place to go.

What about those who do not like the beach life? No problem for you as you can just give the eastern part of Bali a visit. While the north and the south are all beaches, the eastern part of Bali is all greenscape. The popular Kintamani is located in the eastern Bali, and Kintamani is possibly one of the best reasons why one should visit Bali.

If you want to spend their time in the city,  Denpasar is probably a good city to enjoy. It is not as metropolis-tic as Jakarta or Surabaya, but Denpasar is a city that will certainly be a good place to lounge around if you are tired of the beaches and the hills.

Traditional Souvenir

For those who want to shop for traditional souvenirs, then Seminyak is the place for it. There, you can find a whole lot of Balinese traditional items for sale. Those items, as long as you bargained for it, can be cheap and will not burn through your wallet that quick.

If you are a bit richer than most, then Legian should be in your travel itinerary. Unlike Kuta, Legian is famous for its high-class living and classy environment. Here, there are lots of ways to spend your money on.

Aside from the fun destinations, there are places to learn about history and culture as well

Tourist Destination in Indonesia

If you prefer to have your mind learning something new while you are traveling, Bali also got perfect places to do just that. There are many historical sites that are still working as temples now. In those temples, you can learn a lot of Balinese history AND you can see processions if you are ever so lucky. Definitely good for those wanting to learn something while they are having fun.

Even more so if you visit the island when it is near to Nyepi. There, you can see how dedicated the people of Bali in celebrating the day. You can join the people in cleaning the effigies of Hindu gods and you can even join the exorcism ritual several days after. Enjoy the full-blown silence when Nyepi comes and see the Pecalang (Balinese Nyepi ‘cop’ of a sort) in action. With all of those things abound, there is no wonder why Bali tourist attraction is the best tourist destination in Indonesia.