5 Top Tourist Attractions in Prague You Must Visit

Prague is one of the romantic countries that every couple wants to go. There are so many tourists visited this country, especially to see various ancient castles that filled with historical value. It’s not only that, but they can also visit some culinary destinations and shopping tour. If you are curious about what is 5 top tourist attractions in Prague you must visit, please kindly check the information below.

Tourist Attractions in Prague

1. Prague Astronomy Clock

Tourist Attractions in Prague

Prague astronomy clock is one of the best tourist attractions in Prague, which was built in more than 600 years ago. It is a place that is very worthy to visit. It has a very unique and interesting clock, which has various sculptural ornaments that accompany it. Then, it will also show the position of the sun and moon, so it becomes a reference for the church to carry out the religious activities.

2. Charles Bridge

Tourist Attractions in Prague - Charles Bridge

Charles bridge is one of the tourist attractions in Prague that you should visit. It is located above the Vltava river, which is a very iconic tourist location in Prague. It has a length of less than 631 meters. There are so many tourists visit this place to enjoy its beauty and also a romantic atmosphere that will make your day happier than before. That’s why so many couples spending their honeymoon in Prague.

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3. Wallenstein Palace

Wallenstein Palace Prague

It’s not only Charles bridge and Prague Astronomy clock, but Wallenstein palace is also one of the tourist attractions in Prague. It is located near St. Nicholas Church Lesser Town, which consists of the main building of the palace, a large garden, riding school and etc. Nowadays, this palace became a property of the state and as the Senate office of the Czech Republic. Are you interested to visit this place?

4. Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square Prague

Wenceslas square is one of the quite old public space in Prague, which was built in 1848. You can find the National Museum and vintage building there. If you are a photographer or photo hunter, this place will make you amazed. Then, try to come at night, because you will find some busking or street musicians that make your night better.

5. Prague Castle

Prague Castle

The next tourist attractions in Prague is Prague Castle. It was built since the 9th century, which is not only a tourist center. It was used as offices of the President of the Czech Republic. But don’t worry, because nowadays this place is open freely to be visited by tourists. You can find so many castles which are very interesting and amazing. Make sure to take photos as many as possible, so you can upload it at your social media as well. This place will make your Instagram feeds much better than before.

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That’s all the information about some tourist attractions in Prague. If you want to go there, make sure to prepare some free time to just talking a walk and go shopping for a great experience there. Don’t forget to capture your priceless moment with someone special also! Happy holiday!