Tourist Attraction in Thailand : Top 4 Destination

Cheap flights Thailand can save money so you can put the money to explore the beauty of the country. Tourist Attraction in Thailand it’s very diverse, And Thailand is a beautiful tropical city in Southeast Asia. The culture and nature here won’t disappoint you and they are ready to be explored.

Tourist Attraction in Thailand

Visit the Grand Palace

Tourist Attraction in Thailand

The Grand Palace in Thailand is a beautiful, ethnic building built over 200 years ago and arguably the most favorite tourist destination in Bangkok. The feeling when you get into the area is thrilling because the place is used as an official residence of the Kings of Siam, which become the country of Thailand.

The Emerald Buddha and The reclining Buddha in Wat Pho are also beautiful places for your visit. Other beautiful places to visit in Thailand are the Wat Arun and the Temple of Dawn. When you visit the places, pay attention to what you are doing because some habits may be disturbing and offend the local people.

The meeting of Three Countries, the Golden Triangle

Tourist Attraction in Thailand

Mekong river is a very long and big river that flows across three countries, which are Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. At a certain point in the river, there is a place called the Golden Triangle that connects the three countries. You can take a beautiful view of the triangle from a riverbank in Thailand or rent a boat to get a closer look at the two neighboring countries. Around the river, you can fight market stalls, statues of Buddha and elephant, and other signs that are iconic to the Golden Triangle.

The area around the river is used to be a land to grow opium. This is why there is a building named the Hall of Opium in the Golden Triangle Park. It gives you information about the effect of the product on the industry and its hazardous drug effect.

Authentic elephant experience

Tourist Attraction in Thailand

As the national icon of Thailand, the elephant plays a big part in attracting tourists. You can enjoy and interact with local elephants during your visit. But make sure that you don’t go into performing a show that involves elephant because the animal has been gone through unbearable training.

If you want to really appreciate the animal, you can visit the Elephant Nature Park which is a rehabilitation facility for rescued elephants. If you want to dig your pocket deeper, then you can try to visit the Elephant Hills where you can interact with the animals and stay overnight.

Go island hopping

Tourist Attraction in Thailand

Thailand is an archipelago state so you can try to visit their beautiful islands rarely touched by humans. There are also a lot of beaches and islands ready to be explored by traveling with a long-tail boat. The Phang Nga Bay is a famous place in West Thailand coast for photography. You can also visit the Andaman Sea near Phuket and Krabi, which are famous for its beautiful white-sand beaches. Snorkeling and diving can be done around Ko Phi Phi Lee and Ko Phi Phi Don. If you want a different experience, you can try exploring the calm sea with a kayak.

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