Top 5 Tourism in The Netherlands You Need to See

Are you planning to go on a trip this summer? It seems the Netherlands is a perfect tourism place to visit. Located in North-West Europe, Netherlands has wonderful canals, colorful fields of flower and picturesque windmills. This country is also filled with history, culture and rich in art. There are countless of places you need to see in the Netherlands. It would be the best summer getaway trip ever.

If you are planning to go to the Netherlands for your summer vacation, here are the complete guides to the cities that you should explore. Let’s check this one out.

Tourism in The Netherlands You Need to See

1. Amsterdam

Tourism in The Netherlands - Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands with a cluster of canals flowing over the Amstel River in the province of North Holland. The city offers you with exciting nightlife, wonderful museums, and unique cafes. As the Dutch Capital city, Amsterdam has places you need to see in the Netherlands, such as the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Anne Frank House. The visitors can stroll around Grachtengordel, the area in central Amsterdam which famous with its bridges, canals, canal houses as a foray into the Red Light District.

2. Rotterdam

Rotterdam The Netherlands Tourism

Rotterdam is known as the greatest rival on Amsterdam located in Western Netherlands in the province of South Holland. This city becomes the second largest city in the Netherlands and one of the busiest and largest ports in the world. The city also has beautiful architecture and gorgeous waterside setting that makes it one of the places you need to see in the Netherlands.

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3. The Efteling

The Efteling

The Efteling is one of the world’s oldest theme parks and the largest attraction in the Netherlands. This place was established in 1952 which located in Kaatsheuvel, Southern Netherlands. There are four different areas in the Efteling, each area has its own theme and lots of attraction for the whole. The park provides you with theatrical performances, concerts, green spaces, restaurants, bars, and even a four star hotels that perfect for a holiday destination.

4. Haarlem


Another place you need to see in the Netherlands is Haarlem. Haarlem is the capital city of North Holland located in the banks of the River Spaarne about 20 km west of Amsterdam. This city is known for its higher concentration of museum all over the Netherlands. You can go to the Grote Market or market square where you can find the city’s landmarks. Haarlem is recommended as a place to visit during your stay.

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5. The Hague

The Hague

The Hague is known as the capital of judicial of the world and one of the most important cities in the Netherlands. The city offers the visitor with its cosmopolitan metropolis area that full with fine art museums, squares, outstanding architecture, posh neighborhoods, skyscrapers, beautiful golden beaches, and excellent shopping place. You can visit the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, the wonderful beach resort of Scheveningen, the Prison Gate Museum, Madurodam and the famous complex of governmental buildings called Binnenhof.

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That’s all about the top 5 places you need to see in the Netherlands for your holiday trip. Hope it will be a good idea to spend your free time. Enjoy your holiday!