Tips for Getting the Cheapest tickets from Travel Websites

Tips for getting the cheapest tickets plane for your traveling. Travel websites for a cheap price can be a tricky thing to do. But here are several tips that can help net cheap tickets from online flight booking websites:

Tips for Getting the Cheapest tickets

Use incognito mode

Tips to Getting the Cheapest tickets

Incognito mode is a mode in which your web browser would not safe cookies when you visit websites. Cookies are like residue data that tells the website you are visiting the history of your visit. For example, say that website A tells you that it stores cookies in your browser. That means that website A is already tracking your visit. To avoid that, you can either reject cookies (which will not be allowed by ALL websites) or you can use incognito mode in your browser.

The reason why you should use incognito mode is that many booking websites will raise their prices if you give them a second visit. The prices will also be raised further in the third visit and will go on until it hit the highest price possible for the ticket, all for the purpose of hassling you to quickly buy tickets before the price gets too high. This is an old trick that many travel online travel agency websitesuse, one that you can easily avoid just by using incognito.

You can use specialized search engines

While the ordinary search engines can work in giving you a general look at the prices, many of those search engines will also charge you a high additional booking fee. Use search engines dedicated to plane tickets instead because they will not charge you a high fee. Some can still charge you higher than it should be, but it is always better than to use the general engines.

Study the cheapest flight times

Tips to Getting the Cheapest tickets

Booking an airplane ticket is just like buying tickets for the cinemas. There are times when the prices will be dead cheap while there are also times when the prices will be increased tenfold. This is because travel companies capitalize on the chance to get a higher profit than usual. Study the days and the months where the flights are cheapest and go get the plane ticket then. Avoid holidays and weekends because those days are the days when the prices will go very high

Keep an eye for errors

Tips to Getting the Cheapest tickets

While many professional companies will avoid errors by doing some checking before they publish their prices, those companies are still run by human and imperfect automatons. Staff at a travel agency might be having a bad day and post a price that is a bit too cheaper than the usual price. A computer might get it wrong when it comes to converting currencies, lowering the price for a ticket. If that happens, you can definitely seize the moment and get a cheaper price. Be mindful that this kind of thing rarely happens because of how accurate computers are getting these days.

You can also buy flights in bulk

This is not something that you can count on indefinitely, but many airline companies and travel agencies will lower the price by a significant margin if you buy a lot of tickets from them. More often than not, they will cut the price if they spot someone buying more than one ticket from them. This is surely a good way of getting a lower price for each ticket you buy, but be prepared to splurge a bigger sum of money.


In the end, the only things that you need to have to get cheaper plane tickets are perseverance and a bit of smart. If you follow these tips closely, you might save a whole lot of bucks. Hope this article on how to get the cheapest price out of online flight booking websites can help you.