Thailand Travel Advice for beginner traveler

Follow this Thailand travel tips and advice before you book your plane to Thailand. Thailand is an exciting place to explore, with nice beaches and a beautiful country.

Thailand Travel Tips and Advice

Thailand Trip Planning

Thailand Travel Tips & Advice

Thailand is able to visit all year round, avoid visiting in monsoon season especially if you want your holiday to involve basking in this island. The best time to visit Thailand is in December-March. The weather in Thailand is hot (March-May), Rainy (May-October) and Cool (November-February). In general, Thailand is a safe place for travel. Take travel insurance with you when visiting Thailand.

Budget planning

Thailand Travel Tips & Advice

Such as other countries around the world, you can travel to a country as cheap or expensive depends on your budget. In Thailand, you can travel with as low as $30-50/day with the activities and accommodation that usually becomes the largest expense when travel. Food in Thailand is relatively cheap especially if you go to street food.

• For accommodation with a dorm room, you can start with $6, and about $10-15 for a private room. The mid-range is about $20-30 and the splurge one can be started at $40 and more.

• Food in street food can cost about $1-4, in a restaurant about $5-10, and in the hype, the restaurant can spend $15 and more.

• Transport using TukTuk (traditional Thailand transportation) costs $1-5 depends on the distance. Trains cost about $25(1st class train) and $12(3rd class train). Overnight buses cost $15 for regular and $20 for VIP class.

Best things to do in Thailand

Thailand Travel Tips & Advice

Thailand is an exciting country to explore and visit. There is a large portion of Thailand that still unexplored. Here are the best Thailand travel tips destinations that give you unforgettable holiday when traveling in Thailand.

• Bangkok. Feel the chaos in the busy metropolitan city of Bangkok. This is a city that offers energetic, chaotic, and attractive vibes in South East Asia. There are many temples, shopping centers, and a pretty location to visit. The famous place in Bangkok is the Grand Palace and Wat Pho temple.

• Trekking in Northern Thailand. If you love adventure travel go to Northern Thailand and trekking to the beautiful mountains. You can indulge whitewater rafting in Chiang Mai River; explore the hill-tribes village, trekking camp and many more.

• Explore the beauty of Thailand’s underwater world. Thailand has a popular worldwide underwater life that also known as the cheapest place to learn and certified scuba dive. You can visit Phuket, Koh Tao, and many islands in Thailand that provide PADI certification. You can try snorkeling, kayaking, and many water sports.

• Shopping in Thailand floating market. There are three most popular floating markets near Bangkok that you must visit.

• Get the original Thai Massage. Relax and calm your body after walking around Thailand. Chiang Mai is the second-largest city in Thailand that becomes the perfect destination for enjoying Thai Massage.

• Elephant Nature Park. Thailand is a country that famous with an elephant. Animal tourism with elephant trekking is most famous in a tourist destination.


When you travel to Thailand, do not forget to explore the country. But before that, you should know more detail Information about Thailand Travel Guide for Your Journey. There are historic places, unique culinary places, scenic natural view, and many more Thailand travel tips that you can do.