Singapore travel tips for first visiting traveler

If you plan to go to Singapore for the first time, this Singapore travel tips will guide you to enjoy the holiday.

Singapore travel tips

Singapore safety

Singapore is country that includes as safest country to visit in Asia. This is termination because there is very harsh law in Singapore. When you are in Singapore, know the rules well. Doing little action such as spitting or cigarette smoking in a public area can result in you with penalty fine if you do in forbidden place.

Use public transportation.

Singapore travel tips

Public transportation in Singapore is safety, cheap and convenient. For saving the budget when you travel around Singapore, use extensive public transport is great and cheapest. You can choose Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) that will take you to anywhere place that you desire to go. You also can use mobile apps such as Grab or taxi.

Every taxi in Singapore is regulated and metered. This means you do not need to worry because the cost is fair with distance with the meter. This is different from another country in Asia that popular with their costly taxi.

Weather and best time to visit

Before going to Singapore, check the weather when you go and search for the best time to travel to Singapore. Checking the weather at the destination is the most important things to do for planning your holiday. Singapore is a country that has a hot and humid temperature in all year round with the temperature that can reach up to 30 degree Celsius. But do not worry, as morning and evening give a little bit pleasant to enjoy your travel.

Remember for always use sunblock when you go out. The best is to use SPS 50 because sunlight in Singapore is radiant and hot. Always carry small towel as the humidity level in Singapore is high and make you sweat.

Always ensure the phone charged Wi-Fi hotspot is in everywhere

When you visit Singapore, there are many public spaces, restaurants, and cafes that provide free Wi-Fi. You just need to input the phone number for One-time password and you can use free Wi-Fi.

Shopping in Singapore? Bargain the price wisely only at flea or street markets

Singapore travel tips

The best part from traveling to Singapore is this is a place for shopping paradise. When you need to bargain, try only at local places such as Chinatown or Bugis Street. When you go out, bring cash with you. There are some places that need cash for payment although in 2018 Singapore campaign cashless payment method.

You do not need to tip

Different from western countries, you do not need to tips service when you in restaurants or café. This is because almost restaurants and café in Singapore impose 10% charge on top of the bill. There are less formal food courts or hawker centers that do not charge the consumption tax. You can leave spare change or give extra note that will be always appreciated more.

Traveling to Singapore is exciting and can lead into unforgettable moment since it has numbers of regulations and laws that memorable. Ensure you do not break any laws or regulation when in Singapore and read this Singapore travel tips can help you to avoid the fine.