6 Underrated Places to Visit in London in 2019

London is everyone’s favorite destination place to visit, which has many wonderful attractions, sights, and landmarks. Most of the travelers know about them such as Buckingham Palace or Trafalgar Square. There are so many underrated places to visit in London that perfect for a holiday getaway with family and friends. It will also offer you numerous wonderful places to check out and explore.

If you have decided London as your holiday getaway, here are some hidden places in London you should visit and add to your itinerary list. Let’s check this one out!

Underrated Places to Visit in London You Should Explore

1. Leadenhall Market

Places to Visit in London, Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market is one of the underrated places to visit in London. Located in Gracechurch Street, London this market is a bit hidden away and not so popular visited as others, like Borough Market.

As one of the most beautiful and the oldest markets in London, Leadenhall Market is a covered market with brightly colored that incredibly photogenic. This market is also known as one of the filming locations of Harry Potter.

2. Saint Dunstan in The East

Places to Visit in London, Saint Dunstan

Saint Dunstan in The East actually is a medieval church that has been destroyed during World War II and the Anglican church won’t rebuild it. This place was built in the 11-12th centuries which become a beautiful architectural project with a beautiful little garden. Saint Dunstan in The East is located between London Bridge and the Tower of London. It just takes 10 minutes to walk from Tower Bridge.

3. Neal’s Yard

Places to Visit in London, Neal’s Yard

One of the best-underrated places to visit in London is Neal’s Yard. This small alley is known for colorful facades with health food shops and cafes. Here you can buy organic cheese, beauty products, organic soap and homecoming gifts for the loved one. It takes only a few minutes to walk from Covent Garden train station and Neal Street.

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4. Sky Garden

Places to Visit in London, Sky Garden

Sky Garden is a public space with observation decks, an open-air terrace, and a landscaped garden. Located in 20 Fenchurch Street, this place is a great place for admiring the view of London from up high or dinner and grab a drink at the rooftop bar. You can also explore a botanical garden or just peer through the windows to see the views of the city.

5. Little Venice

Little Venice, London

Little Venice is tree-lined canals that spanning along from Hyde Park to Warwick Avenue with colorful canal boats in the waterways. Between Padding and Camden, there is Dance & May Green and Waterside Cafe which located near Paddington. Camden also is a great place to go on the locks and board trip.

6. The Vaults

The Vaults London

The Vaults or known as Waterloo Vaults are hidden underground tunnels under the Waterloo Stations which can be one of the underrated places in London. This place is located at Leake Street, The Vaults open to the public and the visitors can visit any time. You can find Waterloo Vaults inside the Leake Street Tunnel that regularly is a place for theater performances, a place for concerts, parties and many more.

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That’s all about 6 underrated places to visit in London that perfect for your holiday. So, what’s your favorite place to go?