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There are so many the best places to go in Indonesia which can offer people with a great experience. However, people first should understand that this country consists of thousands of islands. There are five main islands in the country and people will be able to find various destinations which can bring them unforgettable memories. Let’s find them out further.

Best Places to Go in Indonesia


Places to Go in Indonesia

Based on the province in Java, there are so many great places that can be explored. In Central Java, for instance, people should not miss the opportunity for visiting the Dieng Plateau where they can hike, trek, and explore the volcanic plates. It is also interesting to camp by the lakes for viewing the beautiful scenery. The Borobudur temple which is a Mahayana Buddhist temple built in the 9th century should be visited as well. Other options to choose are Merbabu mountain and Baturraden.

The experience of viewing the sunrise with Mount Bromo view should not be missed when people are visiting East Java. Hiking up Mount Semeru will give the unique experience for climbing the highest volcanic mountain in Java. They should also visit Coban Rondo waterfall, Beach Balekambang, and Ijen Crater.

The western part of Java is also packed with so many interesting places to visit. The wonderful view can be found in Kawah Putih with a beautiful view of the Crater Lake, Patenggang Lake surrounded by the plantations, and the beautiful Maribaya waterfall along with the hot springs. For more adrenaline boost, people can choose to hike to Mount Gede or enjoy river activity at Citumang.

It is also located in Java Island and it is very famous for its tourist attractions. They can hike up Merapi Volcano which can also be enjoyed by taking a jeep tour. Exploring Jomblang Cave will offer them with a breathtaking moment. There are various beaches with beautiful scenery which can be visited in Yogyakartasuch as Sinden Beach, Timang Beach, and Watu Lumbung Beach.

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