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Here list of Top 3 Malaysia tourism object to visit for vacation and explore more. Malaysia is also known for shopping places with unique stuff and its casino places in several cities, such as Kuala Lumpur. You can find beautiful beaches and views of the mountains as well. Check this out to know the most beautiful places in Malaysia.

Malaysia Tourism Object to Visit

The Perhentians in Terengganu

Malaysia Tourism Object to Visit

This spot in Terengganu is a small archipelago you must visit when you go to Malaysia. Specifically called the Perhentians, you can enjoy your relaxing stop here to see the main islands surrounded by corals. These main islands names are literally named after the size, the Big and Small, or in Bahasa Melayu called Besar and Kecil. It is best to visit the islands during the Western Monsoon.

Located on the coast of Terengganu which directly faces the South China Sea. In this one of the most beautiful places in Malaysia, you can feel your toes dig into its vast soft white sand along the shore. The stretching sea in front of you is also crystal clear that you can see the corals and the shallow bottom sand. This place is also ideal for you who loves to snorkel and scuba dive. If you want to experience relaxing off the shore to watch the corals and fish closer without getting wet, you can canoe to off from the islands as well.

Danum Valley

Malaysia Tourism Object to Visit

If you have a strong adventurous spirit in you, you might want to visit this Danum Valley. This place is known for its ecotourism and wild jungle. You can find so many, perhaps thousands of species of animals and even more numbers of plant and fungus species. Although the jungle in Danum Valley is still untouched, you are not allowed to pick the plants and hunt the animals. This 438 square kilometer area is conservation. If you are lucky enough, you might meet clouded leopard, elephants, and orangutans on the trees or eating on the ground.

The area is protected very well so that you will not be able to meet many humans. Other than finding and looking at the great biodiversity in this jungle, you can also have an adventure with special guides to trek on selected areas. If you want to see the nocturnal fauna, you can try night safari and visit the burial site inside the jungle call Kadazan-Dusun.


Malaysia Tourism Object to Visit
The last but a definitely not least beautiful place in Malaysia you have to visit in Langkawi. Langkawi is an amazing island that is famous among the tourists and Malaysian locals as well.

This island is located on the northwest corner of Malaysia. The attractions and activities you can do here such as some water sports in the sea. But the most famous is its largest indoor aquarium in Malaysia where you can see various sea creatures inside the aquarium. To get here is not a problem at all as you can use an airplane or ferries from the mainland of Malaysia.

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Langkawi island is one of the famous places and top destinations in Malaysia with great and complete facilities.