Indonesia Travel Best Places, you must visiting here

Posted on Indonesia has many travel destination places. If you want to visit some of the best place in Indonesia, then you might want to keep this article on check because here are several of them:

Indonesia Travel Best Places

Dieng and its surrounding

Indonesia Travel Best Places

Dieng is one of the highest plateau in Indonesia. It is so high that you can even see snow in the right month of the year. Dieng is famous for its natural landscape and its cool weather. Even the hottest day in Dieng is still pretty cold, which kind of makes it a bit special.

Aside from the view, you can get to see a whole lot of attractions here. Sights like multi-coloured lakes are abundant, and if you prefer to relax, there is a hot spring in which you can soak in. There are also Hindu temples, so you can learn a bit about history here. Festivals are often held in here, as well, so if you are a seeker of modern entertainment, you can give Dieng a visit when there is a festival there.

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Komodo National Park

Indonesia Travel Best Places

If thrill is what you seek, then the Komodo National Park will give you just that. The park is located in the Eastern part of Indonesia, so it can be pretty far from the more ‘modern’ Java. Within the park, you can see a whole lot of floras and faunas. The natural landscapes are nothing to be messed around with as well, either. You can take beautiful pictures there, perfect for your photobook.

Then again, if you want good pictures of floras, faunas, and landscapes, other places are even more beautiful than this one. No, the reason why you visit this place is not to see the plants, but to see the majestic Comodo Dragon lounging around and living their lives. These so-called ‘descendants of the dragon’ are a sight to see. Here, you can see them when they are hunting, which can be entertaining for some. Just be careful around them because they can prey on humans.

The Great Toba Lake

Toba Lake

The USA might have its own great lakes, but Indonesia also got a grand lake like no other. Lake Toba is the lake in question. As the biggest lake in Indonesia, Lake Toba is a place where you can enjoy the sights of calm water. You can view the lake from many spots and if you are lucky, you can even see some animals by the lake. Some people take joy from circling the lake, but seeing that the lake is bigger than Singapore, it might take them a moment to finish circling it. If you think the lake tires you, there is also the traditional Batak culture to enjoy.

Bali, the Dewata island

Bali, the Dewata island

This should not come as a surprise. Bali is Indonesia’s most popular tourist magnet, and thanks to that, it should always be included in many lists that tell of Indonesia’s top destination. With its beautiful beaches (on the south) and lush forest (on the eastern part of Bali), you should always give Bali a go if you want to check out the travel best place in Indonesia.

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