The Cheapest & the Best Time of How to Travel to Thailand

Posted on Thailand is definitely a country you should visit when you think about Southeast Asia. It is the land of a thousand temples. So, what are tips on how to travel to Thailand?

how to travel to Thailand

The greatest time to come to Thailand

how to travel to Thailand

Do you want to spend your vacation to enjoy Thai beaches? Then, this article is right for you because we will tell you the great time to visit this country. If you want to enjoy the clear, blue sky with the nice weather, you should come at the end of February until December. For the whole year round, the weather in Thailand is almost sunny and requires light clothes, so you won’t feel hot. Those months are the perfect month for island and beachgoers. Around those months, the air will be a little bit windy and not too hot and the sun shines perfectly without making you sweat and sunburn. In the evening, you can feel the breeze through your spine and enjoy the view of the night ocean. Read more information about thailand : 6 Fascinating Information about Thailand for Your Journey

The worst time to come to Thailand

how to travel to Thailand

Actually, there is no worst time to visit Thailand because this country will always be crowded and mostly sunny or rainy. Not to mention, you can always eat delicious noodle, coconut, and give your body a Thai massage. Avoid coming to Thailand in July until the end of October. In those months, you will experience the monsoon season which makes a lot of areas wet and flooded with the water of the rain. You also can’t go home with a suntan if you come between those months. Your traveling journey will not be fun if you have to stay in a hotel all day long when the rain is pouring down hard. You will see a lot of puddles in the city starting from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

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For those who can’t handle the heat, avoid come in April until the beginning of May. In those months, the Thai temperature is extremely hot. You can even have a flood of sweat in just five minutes when you are out. The temperatures can be more than 100 degrees. That’s why you should avoid travel in those months.

The cheapest time to come to Thailand

how to travel to Thailand

Well, thinking about activities, souvenirs, transportation, food, and everything, you can easily get all of that right on the spot. But how to get there is kind of different thing to do. Most of the time, during peak season, the flights to Thailand can be very busy and the price is so expensive. Peak season is the time when a lot of families use the school holiday, expats go back to their home again, and a lot of people want to celebrate Christmas or New Year in Thailand.

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That’s the reason why you should travel to Thailand in low season. The low season is between October until March. Be careful in July and June because they are also the peak seasons since it’s the break of summer time. Based on some travel websites, April and September are the best time of how to travel to Thailand because you can save up to $400!

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