Beginner England Travel Tips For Safety Journey

England is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Reads this England travel tips will help you to explore in England.

England travel tips

The typical cost to spend in England

England travel tips

When you travel, cost and budget are the most important things you need to plan. This cost guide will help you to budget your travel.

• Accommodation: the cost of the hostel is varying start from 15-40GBP per night for dorm type and it can cost more if you choose to stay in a big city. The standard amenities include laundry facilities, TV, common room, breakfast, and free internet. The budget hotels with the same standard amenities offered cost start from 60GBP per night for the double bedroom. If you choose apartment rentals it can cost about 30-40 GBP/night of shared room and for entire homes or apartments, it can cost starting from 70GBP/ night.

• Food: look for low-cost food? Then you can save money for food cost by earing in Asian and Indian food that can cost starting from 6GBP per meal. Eating out in a restaurant while you are in England will cost you a lot to avoid this. When you are in the restaurant, most of them not automatically give water. You may need to pay a bottle of water and drink refills is not a common thing in England.

• Transportation: national rail service is expensive. Citizens in this country loves to complain about it. A route from London –Liverpool can cost as few as 25GBP or it can cost high as 150GBP when peak hours. Book the National rail ticket in advance over a week and in off-peak hours can save your money. In another side, you can use Megabus that the cost starts around 1GBP.

Money-saving attraction

England travel tips

If you really want to save your budget this England travel tips will cut the cost when you visit England.

• Book the transportation earlier even if you do not plan to use it.

• Free walking tour. There are several cities in England that gave the free walking tour for tourist. This can last a few hours to spend and becomes a great way for exploring the city. Even, there are tours that have a specific focus such as food, architecture, culture or history that gives you many options to choose.

• Visit the cathedral. There are many cathedrals in England that free to enter. You can explore the wonderful architecture of the 16th -16th century in England.

Must have things to carry

England travel tips

• Pashmina for chilly evenings and windy weather while walking

• Crossbody handbag. This will avoid you from pickpocket and protect the valuable things

• A small package of detergent and portable clothing line. Find Laundromat in England can be hard and have this can save your time by the wash in a sink and dry in the bathroom.

• Backup any credit card, extra cash and also a copy of the passport. Remember, store this is the secret compartment in purse or luggage.

While explore and enjoy your travel in England, learn these things about Money Saving Tips for Travel to London can very help you while in England. The practical England travel tips will give you a short guide to things you need to pack, do, and more in England.