Tour in Berlin : 6 Best Museums that Will Blow Your Mind

Berlin is the capital city of Germany, which holds historical charm and beauty since the past. This city is filled full of architectural, theatrical and arts. That’s why there are so many museums to capture its beauty. If you travel in Berlin, visiting a museum is a must, so here is the list of best museums tour in Berlin that will blow your mind.

Best Museums Tour in Berlin that you must visit

1. Hamburger Bahnhof

Tour in Berlin Hamburger Bahnhof

Hamburger Bahnhof is a popular contemporary art museum, which has a rich collection of works from some artists like Beuys, Twombly, and Warhol. You can see so many collections of artworks that will never you see in another place.

2. Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum is one of the best museums in Berlin, which was built in 1945. In this place, you can see so many people who make a tour. The museum is child-friendly tours, and also there are weekend workshops and special shows of histories of Jewish music. You can go there to spend some free time, so make sure that you will enjoy the trip.

3. Neues Museum

Neues Museum

The next best museums in Berlin is the Neues Museum. It is a place that filled full of ancient artifacts, which reopens in 2009. The building is completing with its work of art, so it looks so unique and different than others. When you go to this museum, you will get so much experience in seeing so many historical artifacts of Berlin during the world war.

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4. Museum of Photography

Museum of Photography

For those who like photography, visiting this one of the best museums in Berlin is a good choice. You can view the world’s largest collection of Newton’s photography and also rotating exhibition that is very amazing. It’s not only that, modern photography will be another part of the museum’s line up. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and get more knowledge about photography!

5. Berlin Wall Memorial Site

Berlin Wall Memorial Site

Berlin Wall Memorial Site is a museum that less crowded than the Berlin Wall exhibition. This place offers a real-life portrayal and also the recent history of Berliners lived there. So you can get so many information about the history of Germany through the fall of the wall.

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6. The Natural History Museum of Berlin

The Natural History Museum of Berlin

The natural history museum of Berlin is one of the best museums in Berlin, which also as the most important research institutions for sains like biology, zoology, paleontology, geology and etc. It has also a spectacular exhibition of the largest dinosaur and brachiosaurus that standing over 13 meters tall. It is located in Mitte and surrounding with a post-visit stroll and also a unique cafe, so you can visit them and make your trip more precious.

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That’s all the information about the 6 best museums in Berlin that will blow your mind. If you are an art lover, visiting various museum in Berlin will refresh and make your life better. Then, you can also get so many knowledge about the history of Berlin and Germany. So, what’s your favorite museum to be visited later?