Bali Tourist Attraction, 4 Famous Places That You Must Visit

Bali tourist attraction is one of the best travel destinations in Indonesia, Asia and in the world. Many people said that it’s dubbed the island of paradise by many, so it is only normal to have a tourist attraction in Bali be crowded at times. If you are curious about the attractions that you can see, then check out this article.

Bali Tourist Attraction

Bali’s beaches are a wonder to visit

Tourist Attraction in Bali

Bali earned its popularity mainly from its beaches and waves and that popularity is surely well-earned. The northern part of Bali might be lacking the same kind of beauty, but the southern part is where the beach parties are at. Beaches like Kuta, Legian, and Tuban are all wonderful beaches to spend time on.

From all of those three beaches, Kuta is probably the most popular to visit. This is because Kuta is located close to the airport, hence why tourists who arrived from other countries usually give Kuta a visit right after a long haul. You can find beach parties there and the nightlife is rampant. If you are more of a party-goer, then this beach is for you.

If you dream of a romantic walk by the sea, however, then Legian or Tuban will do you good. Both of these beaches lack the same kind of electronic music that Kuta got, making them a pretty tranquil beach. That being said, the other beaches aside from Kuta are a bit more ‘higher’ in terms of class, so be prepared to spend lots of money while you are there.


Tourist Attraction in Bali

If beaches are not your forte and you prefer greens to the grits of sands, then Kintamani will serve you well. Located in the Eastern Bali, Kintamani is the region for those looking to get their daily dose of nature in Bali. There is Mount Batur to visit, which is a mountain surrounded by scenic landscapes and crater lakes. There is also Pura Puncak Penulisan, which stood several meters above the ground. To reach it, you need to go on a hike. You can also soak your tired bones in the hot springs if you prefer.



This one is lacking exposure when compared to Kintamani and Kuta, but it is only because this place will serve no else but snorkelers. Those who decide to snorkel here, however, will be treated with the sight of a shipwreck. The shipwreck in question was once the USAT Liberty, a ship belonging to the US Army before the Imperial chaps from Japan torpedoed the heck out of the ship. If you ever so wishes, you can see the wreck several meters from the surface. Definitely not for those with a fear of the sea, though.

Lovina beach is also a nice place to visit

Lovina beach

If the southern beaches are known for their high style lives, the northern beach of Lovina is still very much calmer than its southern counterpart. Here, you can lounge on the black-sand beaches (which, admittedly, is not as beautiful as the white sands). Because the beaches are still quiet, dolphins can be see swimming around here. If you want to see dolphins in their natural habitat, this tourist attraction in Balishould be given a visit.