3 Cities in Asia Best Travel Destinations

There are 3 cities in Asia best travel destinations that are considered. If you want to explore Asia, here are some cities that are thought of as the favorite places for tourists.

Best Travel Destinations

1. Tokyo, Japan

Asia Best Travel Destinations

Tokyo has a futuristic look with its sophisticated architecture and bright skyscrapers. You might think the people would have already forsaken their own cultures. Interestingly, that is not a problem.

The people of Tokyo are able to balance the need to push for technology advancement with their own cultures.

One of the must-see places in Tokyo is Tokyo Skytree. From the tallest tower in the world, you can see the capital city of Japan sprawl before your eyes. You can also go to Meiji Jingu that is located in a wooded park. It is considered one of the most popular shrines in Japan.

When you are in Tokyo, you should also try the local cuisine. In the world, Tokyo has the most Michelin stars. But if you want to save money, you can also find affordable restaurants without difficulty.

If you love to eat fish, then you need to go to Tsukiji Market. It is the largest fish market you can find in Tokyo. In there, you can find many delicious foods from stew to ramen. For more detail information about Japan, Here some Tips for Traveling to Japan.

2. Xi’an, China

Asia Best Travel Destinations

Another city in Asia that is amongst the best travel destinations in Xi’an. This city used to be the former capital of China. It also used to be the endpoint of the Silk Road. China is known for its delicious delicacies. Xi’an is no exception. Aside from foods with rich flavors, you can also find that Xi’an has rich cultures.

Xi’an is able to build a modern city full of hotels and cafes along with its historical landmarks such as 40-foot walls that were built in Ming-era. If you are interested in exploring the place leisurely, then you might go to Yonging Gate — South Gate — to rent a bike. Then, you can ride along the six-century-old walls.

Another tourist attraction you can visit is the Terra-Cotta Army. You can find it in a museum not far from the city center. There, you can see the collection that consists of more than 8 thousands of sculptures that depict the Qin Shi Huang’s armies.

3. Jeju Island, South Korea

Asia Best Travel Destinations

Jeju Island is a volcanic island, People of South Korea have gone to this island for decades. The island has only become popular globally recently.

While Tokyo and Xi’an offer the wonders of big cities, Jeju will force you to explore outdoor wonders. You can find Hallasan mountain in the center of Jeju Island. This mountain is surrounded by a national park that you can enter for free. Hallasan Mountain is also known as the highest mountain in South Korea. If you are interested in exploring it, then there are six hiking trails you can go to.

Jeju Island is only 20 miles wide. Since it is surrounded by the sea, you can find many kinds of seafood on the island. Some of the foods there are harvested by traditional female divers — that are known as Haenyeo. They can go as deep as 90 feet without any equipment.

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All of these cities show that you can find the best travel destinations in Asia.